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A raw, unfiltered look at one father-son relationship on the brink of destruction that-against all odds-was not only saved but restored.

But that’s not the end of the story. Every day a war is waged for the hearts and minds of boys, due to the epidemic of fatherlessness. With honest talk about addiction, absentee fathers and ultimately hope for healing…Tender Lions relays vital lessons that are essential to the health and survival of society.

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By the Numbers

More than 20 million children live in a home without the physical presence of a father. Millions more have dads who are physically present, but emotionally absent. If fatherlessness were classified as a disease, it would be considered an epidemic—worthy of attention as a national emergency. The following research statistics reveal the dramatic increased risk to boys when the father is absent:

High School Dropouts 71%
Teen Pregnancies 71%
Children with Behavioral Disorders 85%
Homeless and Runaway Children 90%

Fatherlessness is associated with almost every societal ill facing our country’s children.

*Source – U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Education National Center of Education, the National Center for Fathering


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