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A book by father-son team,
Brian and Jeff Becker

Raising a boy to become a man is not something left to chance.

Tender Lions is for anyone looking to strengthen their father-son relationship. Written by a father and son team, this book is a raw, unfiltered look at what it’s like when the love and trust that was once there is destroyed—but that’s not where the story ends.

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About Brian & Jeff Becker

Brian Becker consults with companies and nonprofits to improve their overall culture, quality and performance and also provides leadership coaching to executives and aspiring leaders. 

Jeff Becker is the co-founder and director of Powerhouse Hoops basketball academy in Phoenix. Their mission is to develop character in young men through basketball. 


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My 18 Months in Prison – as told by Jeff Becker

Jeff: For 18 months I worked as a Juvenile Justice Specialist for the State of Illinois Juvenile Justice System at a maximum security prison for teenage girls. These girls were sentenced to prison for offenses including: assault, theft, drugs, arson, and murder. My job consisted of making sure the kids got from one place in […]

The Unspoken Epidemic Called Fatherlessness

Three years ago, when Jeff and I started writing Tender Lions: Building the Vital Relationship Between Father and Son, we knew that we had an important story to tell because of our own life experience. What we didn’t realize were the reams of supporting research that we would discover. Over and over again we read […]

A Time for Roots Rituals and Rites of Passage

“When a man’s life becomes an adventure, the whole thing takes on a transcendent purpose when he releases control in exchange for the recovery of the dreams in his heart.” – John Eldredge I clearly remember the day my dad said to me, “Brian, you’re driving a load of wheat to the elevator, today.” There […]

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