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A book by father-son team,
Brian and Jeff Becker

Raising a boy to become a man is not something left to chance.

Tender Lions is for anyone looking to strengthen their father-son relationship. Written by a father and son team, this book is a raw, unfiltered look at what it’s like when the love and trust that was once there is destroyed—but that’s not where the story ends.

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About Brian & Jeff Becker

Brian Becker consults with companies and nonprofits to improve their overall culture, quality and performance and also provides leadership coaching to executives and aspiring leaders. 

Jeff Becker is the co-founder and director of Powerhouse Hoops basketball academy in Phoenix. Their mission is to develop character in young men through basketball. 


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We’re All Liars

In the bestseller, Leadership and Self-Deception the story is told of an upper level manager, “Tom”, who has an inability to see his own problem – self-deception. Self-deception caused a number of significant problems both for Tom and those he worked and lived with. Let’s take a look at this scenario: Tom always saw others […]

They Call It Rope-a-Dope or I Got Punched in the Face…Twice!

Pornography has a powerful and dangerous effect on boys. Like the rope-a-dope, boys will lose!

“Why a Father Matters” – Interview with Todd Dulaney, Grammy & Dove Nominee

Recently Jeff interviewed Gospel Music sensation Todd Dulaney about his relationship with his father, and its impact on his life. Todd is married, has four children, lives in the Chicago area and is 34 years old. Jeff: Tell me a few words that describe your dad. Todd: Tough, disciplinarian, firm, masculine leader. He was the […]

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