What others are saying about Tender Lions…

Educational yet inspirational, Tender Lions will help fathers to build more loving and winning relationships with their sons—and themselves. I highly recommend this “must-have” parenting book!

Dr. Jim Afremow, author of The Champion’s Mind


In a culture where admitting weakness is seen as a liability, Brian and Jeff provide a hopeful and grace-filled alternative where humility and dialogue form the start of the restorative process. Grateful for this honest, authentic, and vulnerable book!

Matt Miller, Executive Director, Send Me St. Louis


A “must-read” for anyone who is a father or a son. Tender Lions provides a wealth of ideas to enhance any father-son relationship.

Dr. Kurt Senske, CEO, Upbring and author of Wine and the Word: Savor and Serve


Brian and Jeff’s collaboration on this book is both inspiring and insightful. As the founders of a nationally-recognized teen center that has reached thousands of families, we recognize the importance of the parent/child connection. This book has the power to help anyone, not just fathers, navigate and strengthen relationships on multiple levels. This is a “must-read” for any parent, guardian, or youth worker.

Rob & Priscilla Steinmetz, Founders of The Bridge Teen Center


Brian and Jeff capture the essence of fatherhood with raw transparency. Don’t read this book if you are looking for platitudes and good advice. But if you want a provocative and authentic testimony of both successes and failures of a father, read this book.

Oscar Benavides, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Five Two Network


I wish my husband had read this book when our son was younger. But it’s never too late to apply the messages of Godly wisdom and hope in Brian’s and Jeff’s stories. In a sexualized world of personal gratification, Tender Lions shows us how real men and real sons can build relationships on a foundation of truth, forgiveness, love, and Godly character.

Angela Stephenson, Executive Director, Living Abundantly Ministries


Tender Lions includes priceless chapters on discussing life (sex, money, failure, faith) that will help you with key talking points with raising your son. It is a recommended read for all fathers (and parents) fighting their own battles and raising a son.

Dan Browne, President, The Forest Agency


Brian and Jeff’s willingness to turn their life’s challenges and mistakes into a platform that reaches out and encourages others to pursue a healthy, meaningful father-son relationship is truly inspiring. Very few authors can share personal information in a manner that is so helpful and practical. This book will be a blessing to many men wanting a special relationship with their son.

Mark MacDonald, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and owner of Mark MacDonald and Associates, PC; co-author of Setting New Boundaries


This is an awesome topic. We’re all searching for great relationships between fathers and sons. We’re all searching for a way to make this relationship more meaningful.

Porter Moser, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Loyola University Chicago


This is a book about love that has been put to the test, survived, and ultimately grew to be one that demands sharing with others. It touches all aspects of what it means to be human, to love, and to seek God’s healing hand. I am so very proud to call Brian Becker my friend, and I am in awe of the Becker family for sharing.

Ralph Wagoner, President Emeritus, Augustana College, Sioux Falls


Thirty-plus years ago my father shared with me that being a parent is the most important job I will ever have, and it is the job I am least prepared to handle. Thirty years, three sons, and one grandson later, I understand how wise and powerful that statement was. Thanks to Brian and Jeff for their willingness to share their story in an open and transparent way. It is an important reminder that we all fall short, but by the grace of God, there is forgiveness and restoration!

Jim Sanft, President, Concordia Plan Services