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“I have never read such a vulnerable and honest book. NEVER!”

“A fresh and real approach to the modern-day father-son dyad told with heart-grabbing vulnerability.”

“I bought this book as a gift and after reading a few pages, couldn’t put it down.”

“Very few authors can share personal information in a manner that is helpful and practical.”

“Tender Lions is a must-read for dads who want to strengthen their father-son relationship.”

“This book is filled with practical, relevant ideas.”

“Tender Lions shows that there is reason to hope in even the most difficult of situations.”

“This topic is the most important thing any father needs to work on, for the sake of his son and himself.”

“Tender Lions is a real-life, practical approach to building the vital relationship between the father and son.”

Tender Lions is for anyone looking to strengthen their father-son relationship. Written by a father and son team, this book rips off the band-aid for a glimpse at what it’s like when love and trust is destroyed—and what it can look like from the other side.

It’s a far too common story…

More than 20 million children live in a home without the presence of their father; millions more have dads who are physically present, but emotionally absent. Father and son co-authors Brian and Jeff Becker say “no more” to broken father-son relationships in Tender Lions, a book about the aftermath of addiction and the necessity of building the vital relationship between father and son.

Relating practical ideas, the Beckers are on a mission to share the message that it’s never too late to take the first step in the right direction. This can reclaim, renew and restore the all-important father-son relationship–impacting and forever changing the family in the process.


Bonus Material

Tender Lions includes six interviews with fathers who have unique and powerful tips about their father and son journey. The book concludes with a study guide ideal for small group discussion.


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Topics Such As

  1. why developing roots and rituals with your son is so important
  2. why a real tender lion needs to be both fierce and gentle
  3. why unconditional love is more important than a competitive spirit
  4. how to talk about sex
  5. making good choices
  6. the importance of being vulnerable
  7. practical advice about money
  8. why failure is important