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It’s never too late to start making better decisions.

Discover how to become the man you were intended to be.

Precisely in the issue that you’re most avoiding…resides the source of your greatest strength.

The father’s relationship to his son is the most important factor to whether or not the son will grow to be emotional, spiritually and relationally healthy.

Tender Lions is a must-read for dads who want to strengthen their father-son relationship.

This book is filled with practical, relevant ideas.

Tender Lions shows that there is reason to hope in even the most difficult of situations.

This topic is the most important thing any father needs to work on, for the sake of his son and himself.

Tender Lions is a real-life, practical approach to building the vital relationship between the father and son.

Tender Lions is for anyone looking to strengthen their father-son relationship. Written by a father and son team, this book is a raw, unfiltered look at what it’s like when the love and trust that was once there is destroyed—but that’s not where the story ends.

Tender Lions tells how to take the necessary steps to build a healthy relationship in such a way that days of fear, isolation and frustration can be transformed into a deep and meaningful relationship with love, joy and trust restored.

Boys who are raised without their fathers are at risk. The research data shows significant problems for these young men in many areas (school dropouts, teen pregnancy, behavioral disorders, violence, drug, alcohol, and pornography addictions, homelessness, runaways, imprisonment, depression and suicides). By changing the way even one father relates to his son, they will become better men, which in turn leads to a healthier family and a stronger society.


Bonus Material

Tender Lions includes six interviews with fathers who have unique and powerful tips about their father and son journey. The book concludes with a study guide ideal for small group discussion.


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Topics Such As

  1. why developing roots and rituals with your son is so important
  2. why a real tender lion needs to be both fierce and gentle
  3. why unconditional love is more important than a competitive spirit
  4. how to talk about sex
  5. making good choices
  6. the importance of being vulnerable
  7. practical advice about money
  8. why failure is important