Raising A Boy Is Too Important To Leave To Chance

Your son is watching you — no matter if you’re 25, 55 or 85. He’s watching. This presents an awesome opportunity to continue to influence your son with the time you have left, because your son is watching how you live your life.

When I stand before God on that last day, he’s only going to ask me about me, not my neighbor, not my brother or anyone else. Even though Jeff is an adult with his own life, job and relationships, the type of influence I have on him is certainly different than it was when we all lived under the same roof — but it’s still vital. And I’m not done being his dad.

As I watch Jeff develop into a responsible adult, I think my greatest legacy will not be about my accomplishments, but rather it will be his accomplishments. Jeff works tirelessly, day-in and day-out to develop the character of young men through sports. The impact he has on other young men, and their families, will be significant and ultimately help to build a stronger society.

Jeff as National Camp Director of NBA All-Star Chris Paul CP3 National Middle School Camp

It’s vital that Jeff sees me, his dad, striving to live a life that’s aligned with my values around fidelity, integrity, transparency, health and generosity. And that he would see those same values reflected in the relationship that I have with my wife, my friends, my church and with my clients.

While I envision that Jeff will be successful in life, that does not mean that he’s going to be rich, famous or that life will be easy. I believe that because of who he is: solid values, compassion for people, the type of friends he attracts — the work he does will impact far more people than me. And that provides sufficient motivation for me to say I’m not done being his dad. This is just too important to leave to chance.

Tender Lions, our new book, is for dads who want to make a real connection with their son and make a difference in life. It’s never too late for a real, authentic father-son relationship.

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