What Do You Say…When You Talk To Yourself? by Jeff Becker

Are you talking to yourself right now? Listen…whose voice is it? Your voice, your boss, coworkers, dad, the devil? Yes, we all have many voices, but the reality is that you can only listen to one at a time. But…you get to choose. So listening to the “right voice” is essential.

We all have internal speech that “beats up” on us from time-to-time. For some of us, the “saboteur” can be brutal. Have you heard this rattling around in your head, “He’s never going to listen to me right now, I can’t lose that weight, I don’t have time, I’m not popular enough, smart enough, rich enough, now’s not the right time, I always make mistakes.” 100%, that’s your saboteur. The problem is that you’re tempted to start believing the inner voice. You may be tempted to think that the saboteur’s voice is protecting you, and that it has your best interest in mind.

The truth is that the saboteur voice is just commandeering your mind. It’s like a muscle. The longer you listen to the negative voice, the weaker you become. You have to strengthen it…one voice and one action and decision at a time.

If your life is aimless and your goals are average – don’t worry – the saboteur voice will leave you alone. It’s when you want more, challenge yourself and step into the leadership role that God intended for you that the saboteur comes to life. You see, the saboteur has one goal…to keep you small. The saboteur loves the status quo. And the closer you get to making really positive changes and leaving bad habits behind…that’s when the saboteur voice will scream the loudest for you to back down.

Remember, we can be our own worst enemy. Take action this week by being hyper-aware of that inner voice trying to keep you small. Let yourself move out of your comfort zone and fight the saboteur’s voice by simply recognizing it and “putting it on the shelf.” Call him out and say, “Not today! Enough is enough! Today I’m going to do what’s right for me.”

Don’t expect those inner voices to disappear. They’ll always be a part of you, but; a) recognize that you own it, b) consciously stop it and “put it on the shelf” and c) choose to act in your best self-interest today. Remember that you can create a life that has greater fulfillment, meaning and purpose.

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