Where Dads are Absent…Boys Suffer

Jeff and I published Tender Lions eight months ago. Since that time we’ve discovered more and more research and examples that demonstrate how boys without a healthy emotional connection to their dad are at risk, all kinds of risks!

Last spring Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell revealed on CBS 60 Minutes the risk posed by “young males” who: don’t look for work, are addicted to drugs, and are academically not prepared for adulthood. Powell posits that “this economic problem is also a national security problem.” And…few people are heeding this warning.

In addition, we’re now seeing that high school boys are lagging behind girls in every academic area, with the exception of just a few geographic areas in the United States. This trend is also occurring in almost every developed nation.

If this isn’t enough we see that the suicide rates for males from their mid-teens to their mid-twenties increases dramatically faster than that of girls.

Males die earlier than females, have a more difficult time building relationships, have higher unemployment rates, and have more intense mental health issues. By the way, this isn’t a “knock” on females. I’m all for the advancements that females are making in many areas of society. And God bless moms who are working doubly hard to raise their children and make a living. But where dads are absent…boys suffer.

While this blog is only touching the surface on numerous serious issues…this is a dad problem. Dads need to be more engaged with their sons. They need to be willing to spend more time with their sons. If this topic is of interest to you, please take 5 minutes to read the USA Today article by best selling author and researcher, Dr. Warren Farrell.

Also, Tender Lions: Building the Vital Relationship Between Father and Son provides a practical and real world example of how to build that important relationship.

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