Are You a Dandelion Farmer? by Jeff Becker

When I was about 12 years old I started mowing lawns. I think I earned $10 per lawn, and was barely strong enough to push the lawnmower. At that time I my life my primary goal was to get the lawn cut as fast as possible…not worrying about the details. The first few lawns I cut were so bad my dad followed up after me to re-mow some of the yards.

At this time of year, at least where I grew up, there were lots of dandelions in the grass. When you’re about to run over a dandelion you have two options: 1) stop the mower, get on your knees and dig out the weed by its dirty roots or 2) just mow over it as fast as possible and keep on moving. At 12 years old, you know the decision I made… and you probably know what happens when you run over a dandelion? Seeds go everywhere! I just multiplied my customer’s dandelion farm 100 times over.

“Do right, not easy.” It’s a phrase that goes through my head every day…and every day I struggle with it. It’s easy to run over the dandelion. Just like it’s easy to eat or drink too much. It’s easy to not have that hard conversation…or take any one of a hundred shortcuts that eventually comes back to harm, rather than help me. Don’t go too fast over the problems or they will multiply… just like the dandelion. What’s your dandelion today?

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This blog is an edited excerpt from Tender Lions: Building the Vital Relationship Between Father and Son

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