10 Take-Aways from the Global Leadership Summit (3 minute read)

After blogging regularly for 2½ years I took an eight month break from writing. It wasn’t that I wasn’t working or caring about the father son relationship or leadership. It’s that I was feeling depleted. Depleted from the “white noise” caused by isolation due to COVID, intense political and racial ugliness, and trying to make sense (and grieving) the lack of empathy and love for our fellow neighbors.

I don’t have it figured out by any stretch of the imagination, but I know that writing helps me process my thoughts and feelings regarding the complex nature of today’s world. So…I’m back! I hope these writings provide some help and hope for you.

I recently attended the Global Leadership Summit, a two-day event featuring some of the world’s best thinkers, authors and leaders. Here’s the top ten take-aways that I hope will provide nourishment for your journey.

  1. Greatness – It comes only when we are willing to take our gifts, experiences and passion to the extreme! Every great business leader, coach or musician pushes their limits and those of their “team.” You just can’t get there without it.
  2. Vulnerability – It’s not weakness to ask for help. It’s wisdom. Ecclesiastes 4 speaks clearly about “a chord of three” not easily being broken. Vulnerability (in the right dosage) is essential to build trust and the respect of your team/family. Effective leaders lead with a “limp” that they don’t try to hide.
  3. Inner Circle – It’s been said that we become like the five people we are with the most. Do you need to re-pick your team? I’m rethinking mine.
  4. Extremism – Leaders with extreme ideologies will do anything to win, and are motivated by fear. These leaders and their movements always fail in the long run because their ideologies suck the life out of their followers and only benefit the leader. Think Hitler, Rev. Jim Jones, think fascist.
  5. Let Go – Your “team” will never outperform you. You are the limiting factor…unless you get good at letting go and getting out of their way.
  6. Successful Teams – Research shows the number one factor needed for successful teams is “psychological safety.” What are you doing to help foster this type of culture?
  7. Bias – We all have bias. I wonder what opportunities I’ve missed in my life because of mine? And if your inner voice is saying, “I don’t have bias” you have some serious inner work to do.
  8. Mindset – This is the number one determinant of your success. Is yours a “fixed” or “growth” mindset?
  9. Shift – It’s the tiny shifts in behavior that will lead to significant impact. Consider the small, attainable shifts. Overtime you will gain momentum and see progress.
  10. Start Today – It’s not what you don’t know that’s holding you back, it’s what you already know…that you just aren’t doing. What are you waiting for?

Remember that one connection, affirmation, hug, listening ear or compliment can change the trajectory of someone’s life. (Thank you Tim Lautzenheiser for your encouragement all those years ago!) You have influence regardless of your place on this planet. As a parent, brother, sister, worker, volunteer, neighbor…your influence and power are greater than you can imagine. Please use it.

Let me know how this blog challenged you, gave you an idea, disagree with me, whatever… The world desperately needs your leadership influence.

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Many of these blog entries are edited excerpts from Tender Lions: Building the Vital Relationship Between Father and Son

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