Pain Matters…

Any dad who cares at all for his son (or daughter), pains along with his son when he has hardships. Many people have a problem with God because there is suffering in the world. Know that God also suffers because of the pain in the world. After all, he created us in his very image. How could he not love us and share in our pain when we are hurting? We are his family.

It’s also essential for you to allow your son to suffer the consequences for his poor actions in order to let him mature into a man who will become a tender lion. Let your son know that as hard as he tries, he’s never going to measure up to what God really wants…and that’s OK, because none of us ever do. That’s the power of grace. Fortunately, we get judged not on some score card that keeps track of our good works. We’re judged by the righteousness, grace and mercy of a loving God.

Remember that Jesus entrusted his entire legacy to be passed along by an adulterous woman, a disciple who denied ever knowing him, a crooked tax collector and a hand-full of other people who were filled with doubt and fear. He was intentional about befriending and trusting a rag-tag team of men and women.

Trust that he chose you to be a parent at this time in history for a powerful purpose, and that He chooses to love you and can effectively do His work through you, regardless of what your life has been like up to now. Remember, you are imago dei, made in the image and likeness of God.

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